The simplest way to stick to your "HEALTH" !
The simplest way to stick to your "HEALTH" !
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REDBURN GEL is a sculpting gel formulated from 13 active ingredients to attack the subcutaneous fat locally through regular application.

The REDBURN GEL formula is based on guarana, particularly rich in caffeine, tannins, horsetail extract, saponosides and polyphenols.

With regular application, the skin texture will be refined and the muscle definition will stand out. The iodine-rich laminaria digitata extract improves the appearance of the skin by regenerating skin cells.

In addition, REDBURN GEL contains methyl nicotinate which has a vasodilating action allowing to restore optimal microcirculation under the skin and to effectively avoid fatty and water restocking.

Finally, rich in moisturizing principles, REDBURN GEL nourishes the skin and leaves a light fresh scent to allow pleasant and effective use at any time of the day.

A suitable diet with regular use of REDBURN GEL can quickly reduce localized fats and significantly improve the quality of the skin.

Dermatologically tested and paraben-free, Redburn gel does not cause allergy, the heating effect being simply due to the different active ingredients and the activation of micro-circulation!