The simplest way to stick to your "HEALTH" !
The simplest way to stick to your "HEALTH" !
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Elite 100% Whey from the American brand Dymatize is a high quality protein combination for ambitious athletes at every level of training, to be used anytime. Of great biological value, it helps support muscle growth and increase protein consumption before or after a workout.

Dymatize's Elite 100% Whey formula is easily assimilated thanks to its combination of whey proteins, whey isolate and whey peptides. It also contains Essential Amino Acids (between 2.7 and 2.8g) and Non-Essential Amino Acids (between 6.0g and 6.2g) for the growth and maintenance of muscles and also digestive enzymes.

The product is:

- low in sugar with only 1.7g

- gluten free

- "Informed-Choice" certified

It is the ideal product for building muscle and gaining lean mass!

Available in: Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana and Strawberry