The simplest way to stick to your "HEALTH" !
The simplest way to stick to your "HEALTH" !
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Are you looking for a sharp and powerful physique? Do you need a quality product with a great reputation to support the growth of your muscles while ensuring a good caloric intake (less than 116 calories per serving)? Do not hesitate, we have the product you need: ISO-100 Hydrolyzed (900g)

ISO-100 Hydrolyzed (900g) is a whey protein isolate from the American brand Dymatize®. It is also the most sold in the world: Winner of the prize for the best protein isolate 2013-2017.

The whey protein isolate is more filtered than the whey concentrate, it is almost devoid of all of its lactose, which makes it an ideal protein for people who are intolerant or sensitive to the consumption of lactose. As a result, whey protein isolate is less caloric, since filtration makes it possible to remove sugars and fats. ISO-100 Hydrolyzed (900g) contains only 0.5g of sugars and 0.6g of saturated fat.

It is a product very assimilable by the body, which contains a BCAA profile (5.7g) including the essential amino acid (L-Leucine with 2.7g), ideal for energy and muscle development.

Dymatize brand ISO-100 Hydrolyzed (900g) is the perfect choice before and after strenuous workouts.

Bonus: the product is Informed-Choice certified.

To discover in 4 flavors: Strawberry, Cookies & Cream, Gourmet Vanilla, Gourmet Chocolate.