The simplest way to stick to your "HEALTH" !
The simplest way to stick to your "HEALTH" !
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If you are looking to improve your performance and your muscle mass, especially during your short-term & high-intensity physical efforts, discover Creatine PH-X capsules from BiotechUSA.

This powerful, high-quality product contains 3 g of creatine. It is ideal for anyone who wants a quick way to absorb creatine without side effects.

Creatine monohydrate is the purest form of creatine available on the market. It is recognized as effective and safe according to the numerous studies that have been carried out. Creatine monohydrate contains 88% creatine. The rest is water.

Widely used by athletes in bodybuilding and other disciplines for almost 30 years, creatine has many followers, and has proven itself. Indeed, it has been scientifically proven that taking 3g of creatine per day increases performance during short and very intense workouts. You will therefore gain in performance, power and endurance on intensity exercises.

Creatine PH-X increases mass gain, muscle building and muscle recovery.

The rapid disintegration of the capsules allows rapid and effective absorption for an optimal effect.

To comply with the regulations, we recommend that you take 5 capsules of Creatine PH-X per day!